Teeth Cleaning

Dental Cleaning for Dogs in Huntington Beach


On-site Dog Teeth Cleaning

Three times a year, Doggietown USA offers on-site teeth cleaning for dogs at our Dental Cleaning & Vaccination Clinic.

Fight periodontal disease, eliminate ugly tartar deposits and minimize `dog breath´. Choose an anesthesia-free dental cleaning, provided by our veterinary services partner, Qualified Pet Dental.

A Qualified cleaning includes a vet exam, a complete dental cleaning and oral charting. Your dog’s dental treatment records are stored electronically. So they will be available for later reference if needed.


This form of teeth cleaning uses neither anesthesia nor x-rays. So there is no radiation exposure and no need for blood-work.

In many ways, it looks like your own 6-month dental cleanings. But instead of a chair your pet rests in the hygienist’s lap or on a pad of soft, clean towels.

Expertly-trained Qualified hygienists use a combination of ultrasonic and manual cleaning instruments to ensure a thorough cleaning above and below the gumline.

A Difference You Can See…


The entire process can take as little as 30 minutes and can be performed while you wait or while your pup is staying with us.

Because of the awake nature of this treatment, it is not appropriate for all dogs or conditions.
If the vet or hygienist discovers a health or dental condition that makes it unsafe for this technique, the treatment will be discontinued.

The same applies for those few dogs who simply will not accept treatment. Generally, only about 10% of dogs prove to be non-candidates.

In these cases, we only charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the vet exam.

Vaccinations and Veterinary Services

Our clinics also feature low-cost vaccination updates and other veterinary services for your added convenience.

Additional services include microchipping, health certificates for air travel, common ear & skin medications. We also carry Comfortis-brand flea protection at competitive prices.

2016 Clinics

Appointments are required. These clinics tend to fill up well in advance so contact us today to save your spot.

Thursday • February 25
Thursday • June 23
Thursday • October 27

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