February Love birds of the Month!~ Snoopy & Marbles

This month, in honor of Valentines day, we decided to vote for the cutest couple as our dogs of the month! Our staff voted for Snoopy & Marbles!

Snoopy & Marbles are two beagle housemates who are absolutely in love with each other. Snoopy started his visits with us during the summer of 2007 when he was about 3 years old & Marbles joined a few months later as a new pup in the family. These two have pretty much been inseparable since! You can often find them cuddling up & sunning themselves on top of the ramp in the front window. Snoopy & Marbles are both super sweet & make new friends all the time, but the bond that they share with each other is the strongest. We couldn’t think of a better couple to celebrate Valentine’s day with! We hope your V-day will be just as great as ours! Congrats Snoopy & Marbles!