November Dog of the Month ~ Krimson!

We are pleased to announce our November Dog of the Month….Krimson!!! Krimson started coming to us in July of last year as a wee little goofy puppy and has since grown into a big, handsome, sweet, but still goofy guy. He has made a lot of friends in his time here, but has three that are his top buds to wrestle around with. Tripp is his BFF, a yellow lab about his age who began coming here around the same time and they are a pair of goofballs together, Belle the beautiful Newfoundland, and also Rumble the gentle giant Newfoundland! When he’s not having a good time wresting with his buds or making us laugh with his sill antics, he enjoys sitting on our feet, leaning against our legs and gazing straight up at us with his sweet chocolate eyes. Congratulations Krimson!